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Internet Market Close Report for 1998.12.18

  18-Dec-98 % change point change
ISDEX 266.25 3.51% 9.02
NASDAQ 2,014.86 2.07% 42.26
DJIA 8,903.63 0.03% 27.81

  • @Home (NASDAQ:ATHM) agrees to acquire ad firm Narrative for about $89 million stock. @Home pays more than 118x estimated 1998 sales for the zygote stage outfit that's posted $5.7 million loss last year and may lose about $6 million this year. @Home needed to boost its internal ability to deliver ads on the network. The big picture: For cable Internet buildout, $6 billion deployed, $30 billion to go to make the one-way pipes two-way. Look for more on @Home soon right here.

  • Netopia (NASDAQ:NTPA) acquires Serus LLC, a Java-based website page editor, for $3.1 million stock and $1 million cash. Netopia provides web hosting to businesses.

  • StarMedia, a closely-held Latin American Internet media firm, announces plans to try and expand in the U.S. to its Latin market. The move follows AOL (NYSE:AOL) partnering up with a rival, Cisneros Group, to bring AOL south of the border(s). One note on StarMedia, it claims to be the largest Latin American site but we hear that it may be overcounting page views by as many as 3x to 4x. How? Frames. Each framed page gets counted so that if you click on the page it brings up the individual framed pages into what is actually one page.

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