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Net2Phone Expands to Brazil, Russia

IDT's Net2Phone Monday began offering its Internet telephony services to Brazil and Russia.

The company is teaming up with international telemarketing firm TVB International to provide telephony to users in the two countries. Net2Phone's products and services enable direct, low-cost phone-to-phone and fax-to-fax communications over the Internet.

Its agreement with TVB calls for Net2Phone gateways to be installed in Brazil and Russia that will route all calls over dedicated IP lines, enabling telephony functions. The companies said they plan on further expansion in the near future.

By creating a worldwide IP telephony network, Net2Phone said it is able to capitalize on deregulating markets and begin offering more low-cost and value-added services in countries that become open to competition.

"TVB's international status makes it a perfect choice for us to expand our product offerings to a more global market," said David Greenblatt, Net2Phone's chief operating officer.

"We are aggressively working with TVB to market IP Telephony to both business clients and the general population in developing countries."