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UK's City 2000 Seeks Indian Advertising

City Two Thousand (India) Ltd., a subsidiary of the UK-based City 2000, is promoting Internet advertising in India, through City 2000's Web site.

The Indian subsidiary, which began operations from Nagpur in Maharashtra and Bangalore, has been set up to promote Indian business opportunities across the globe at a minimum cost.

According to Bruce King, a consultant with City 2000 in the UK, the company would be the biggest business directory on the Internet and would be the one-stop shop for any kind of business inquiry a person may have.

He pointed out that while some 97 million pages were added to the Internet in 1998, it is difficult for anyone to have their Web sites noticed on the Internet.

However, by listing their advertisement on City 2000 with hyper links to their Web site, business people who are looking forward to more business can be assured of several serious business visitors.

Commenting on the reasons to set up this sort of service, King maintained that while more than 50 per cent of the information on the Internet today pertained to sex and another 45 per cent was just irrelevant information, only five per cent of the information was serious.

"This is a hold we want to break into," he said.

"If someone wants to get some information about a product and about who manufactures it, it would be difficult to browse the Internet with just the keyword and actually hit the right place for the accurate information." he said. "This then is where we come in."

Indian advertisers are to be charged about Rs 20,000 (US$472) per year for a single advertisement with a picture and a 250 word text.

The page on site will come with an e-mail link and a hyper link to the advertiser's Web site.

N.K. Purohit, one of the promoters of City Two Thousand (India) said that the firm had spent a lot of money on advertising its services in the conventional media as well as on the Internet, to make it visible.

"We are trying to get people to think 'Let me go to City2000.com first and try for the info I am looking for' and then maybe browse the Internet," he said.

He pointed out that its UK counterpart gets six million visitors per month and sometimes the figure reaches even 18 to 20 million.

The Indian company is targeting 20 million hits per month by the end of 1999.

However, the Indian operations are still on a small scale and the company has received only 300 advertisements so far.

But by hiring 10,000 independent consultants to exclusively market City2000.com and get advertisements, this figure is expected to go up.