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Network Solutions Looking Toward Future

With its domain monopoly about to disappear, Network Solutions is working to enhance its Internet services.

The company Wednesday announced plans to increase its focus on current and emerging Internet technologies. Part of its strategy is the creation of the Internet technology services division to deliver architecture, implementation and support services to help large enterprises and ISPs improve their operational effectiveness.

Services include assisting organizations with the integration of point Internet technology solutions that fit within their legacy systems, providing IP engineering and managing services for companies such as their remote access, firewall administration and DNS services.

Network Solutions' ITS division has offices serving the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.

"Due to the rapid introduction of new Internet technologies, large organizations are struggling to develop and maintain a coherent strategy to meet end-user requirements," said Bruce Chovnick, senior vice president and general manager of the company's Internet technology services.

"We're well-qualified to provide technical support because of our engineering experience in the domain name system (DNS) and the Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructures. That's why we're bringing the focus of our professional services in closer alignment with our core business of establishing an identity on the Internet."