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AT&T Deploys Full Channel Private Lines To Japan

AT&T is now providing an end-to-end full channel private line service from the United States to Japan.

The service is being offered in partnership with NTT Worldwide Network Corp. (NTT-WN) and supports speeds from 56 kbps to 2.048 mbps, with 45 mbps and 155 mbps provided on an "individual-case basis."

"Our AT&T full channel service offer our customers a competitively priced alternative to traditional bilateral half-channels, and a convenient full channel private line solution," said Joe Lueckenhoff, product vice president for AT&T Data Network Services.

"Also, by interfacing with one vendor, AT&T customers may avoid currency fluctuations," added Lueckenhoff.

The service has a tariff that includes Japanese local access and the international full channel.

Moreover, the full channel service carries a 99.85 percent Service Level Agreement (SLA) giving customers with a service interruption of more than 24 cumulative hours in a month a 50 percent monthly service charge credit.