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Accrue Enhances Network Collector App

Accrue Software, a provider of e-business measurement and reporting tools, delivered an enhanced version of Accrue Insight's Network Collector tool for gathering and analyzing data.

The enhancements enable complex, high-volume Web sites to collect and analyze both dynamic content and customer demographic data submitted in Web site registration forms or stored in cookies, the company said.

The enhanced Network Collector enables any site, including sites served by dynamic content engines such as Vignette's StoryServer, to be analyzed with a single solution, the company said.

"Accrue's target customers are large enterprises with high-volume business sites," said Rickk Kreysar, president and CEO of Accrue.

"We've assembled a management team that truly understands the realities and requirements of e-business enterprise computing. One of those realities is the need for solutions that address a variety of needs, and a growing need is interoperability between those solutions. Our enhanced Network Collector widens the scope of data that Insight can manage, delivering a highly scalable solution for all Web data analysis."

The enhanced Network Collector captures HTTP POST parameters along with Web server information ensuring that any combination of static and dynamic content can be analyzed.

Also, while site visitors may enter demographic information into registration forms, this information is often not correlated with visitor activity data. Now, Accrue's Network Collector is designed to capture this data as well as other data stored in cookies. By combining customer activity and demographic data, Accrue Insight enables more in-depth analysis of site activity and individual customer behavior, the company said.

Accrue's enhanced Network Collector runs on Sun Solaris 2.5/2.6 and is scheduled for availability in early April 1999. Pricing for Accrue Insight begins at $17,000.