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Register.com, USA.NET Align in E-Mail Initiative

Domain registrar Register.com Wednesday reached a deal messaging company USA.NET to offer USA.NET's business-class e-mail services to its customers.

Under the terms of the agreement, when a user registers a domain name with register.com, the company will offer a corresponding Web-based e-mail address from USA.NET. In addition, USA.NET will actively promote register.com's domain name registration services through its NET@DDRESS e-mail service. Register.com will be the exclusive provider of domain name registration services for its NET@DDRESS and outsourced messaging services.

No financial terms were disclosed.

"USA.NET is the perfect partner for register.com," said Richard Forman, register.com's chief executive officer and president.

"They provide a premier outsourced e-mail solution for businesses and individuals looking to combine a domain name with an e-mail solution. This exclusive arrangement will offer register.com customers the ability to get a professional e-mail address with their domain name. It will also provide USA.NET customers with access to getting a domain name."