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Sandpiper Networks, WebRadio.com Launch Network

Aiming to decrease plug-in problems and bottleneck associated with Internet broadcasting, WebRadio.com Monday named Sandpiper Networks Inc. its official distribution network.

Sandpiper will distribute WebRadio.com's audio and video content through the Footprint network to safeguard availability and site performance, especially during special Web events with heavy traffic. The Footprint network contends it spurs site performance by at least 50 percent, and will bolster distribution of WebRadio.com's listener content.

Beginning in the second quarter of this year, WebRadio.com, a "plug-in-free" Internet broadcasting site, will launch live radio broadcast feeds to Internet users. WebRadio.com already has signed webcasting contracts with 35 US-based radio stations. The new site is supported by GEO Interactive's EMBLAZE streaming media technology, which does not use plug-ins. WebRadio.com is free to all users with a Java-enabled browser and will offer live and on-demand programming such as concerts, music videos, TV programs, movie trailers, news and sporting events.

Footprint's network uses custom servers located in every major backbone in the world and content is delivered by request so that users can view information from their own local networks instead of waiting for content to transmit through the Internet. Footprint is a turnkey solution offering Adaptive Content Distribution, a new intelligent delivery services category that recognizes and respond to changes in network conditions, user demands and system loads.

"By leveraging Footprint's global distribution network, WebRadio.com becomes the first media broadcaster to locally distribute multimedia from major backbones around the world," said Leo Spiegel, president and CEO for Sandpiper. "By adding a layer of intelligence to Internet broadcasting, Sandpiper will bring an unprecedented level of performance to the WebRadio.com experience."

"WebRadio.com is dedicated to making the Internet broadcasting experience easier and more enjoyable for its listeners and Sandpiper's technology helps make that possible," said Moti Dolgin, president of WebRadio.com.

"First, WebRadio.com eliminated the plug-in problem by offering a Java solution, then Sandpiper has taken care of the bottleneck problem with its Footprint network. Together we've created what we believe to be the most comprehensive and compelling solution for radio stations and listeners worldwide."