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Cyberplex Continues on a Roll

Cyberplex Inc. is reporting record revenue for 1998. Their 1998 revenue of $9,538,858 is more than triple the $ 3,147,011 logged in 1997.

The Internet services company has tripled revenue every year since 1996 while remaining profitable. "We are extremely pleased with our growth," said Geoffrey Rotstein, the company's chief financial officer.

"This growth in any industry is impressive. And to have achieved these significant gains without sacrificing profitability shows that our business approach to the Internet works."

Cyberplex's revenue for 1998 represented a 303 percent increase over 1997. At the same time, the company tripled its staff to more than 160, and expanded production centers to Halifax and Montreal.

"We're very proud that our business strategy and our team have made us a leader in this competitive industry," said CEO Dean Hopkins.

According to Cyberplex, large and complex Web server solutions require very sophisticated expertise in database design, network engineering, and Internet-based application development, which fewer and fewer companies are capable of delivering.

Hopkins said he was pleased that Cyberplex continues to meet and exceed its financial targets.

"We believe in solid growth based on our proven business model. Now, we're poised to make a significant move into the U.S. market and continue to aggressively grow the company in 1999," he said.