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ADSL Experiment Is Launched In Israel

The Israeli Communications Ministry has given formal approval to Bezeq, the Israeli telephone company, to initiate ADSL trial runs.

Bezeq plans to offer ADSL technology to Internet providers and content providers, who in turn offer their customers a variety of subjects, such as interactive games, video, music, programs and hosting on remote servers; each of these applications requires extensive and stable bandwidth.

Hertzel Ozer, Bezeq's vice president of sales and marketing, said the ADSL technology will enable Bezeq to continue to be a leading provider of communication and content services, even when the Israeli communication market becomes open to competition. (The Israeli communication market is currently undergoing an accelerated deregulation process).

Yoni Sapir, manager of the computerized communication division of Bezeq's sales and marketing Department, stated that at the first stage, Bezeq will set up ADSL equipment at five telephone exchanges and examine different applications.

He said there is now a tender for providing ADSL equipment to Bezeq, and at this time three companies have successfully passed the first stage: Orckit, ECI and Alkatel. During the early stages, all three companies will provide the necessary equipment and as the experiment progresses Bezeq will select the equipment best suited for the set performance levels.

It should be noted that ADSL hook-up fees in Israel are expected to be high. Professor Groneau's report, recently adopted by the Israeli Minister of Communications, Limor Livnat, has recommended charging high prices for permanent Internet connections. For this reason, ADSL connections in Israel are suitable for large corporations.