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AltaVista Expands Into Germany

AltaVista Wednesday launched a German version of its popular search engine, AltaVista Germany.

Modeled after the company's American search engine, AltaVista Germany offers a comprehensive Web directory of German, Austrian and Swiss sites. Based in Munich, its systems are linked with AltaVista's headquarters in the U.S.

"AltaVista is recognized as the most powerful and useful guide to the Internet," said Mathias Schmitz of AltaVista Search Service, Germany.

"Today AltaVista.de makes its mark as the most comprehensive and up-to-date German-language search service designed specifically to meet the needs of the German market."

AltaVista said that the number of German users searching with AltaVista.com was enough to justify a spin-off German search engine. According to German consulting firm GfK, there are now approximately 8.4 million Germans with Internet access and AltaVista reports that more than 4 million search queries to its American site came from German users.

AltaVista operates another international search engine, AltaVista Canada.