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What's On at Germany's CeBIT 99 II

WebFinancier is a new system which allows you to surf the Web wherever you are and to pay for it.

It can be used for Internet cafes, universities, libraries and schools, at airports or train stations. It counts the hits and accepts cash, recognizing just about every type of European coin. When the gray box shows a green light, you can surf on. It can be programmed to bar illegal activity or access to sex sites. All staff have to do is empty the cash box. The program even reminds you by e-mail that it's time to do so. This idea is from heddier electronic.

Another first is the fun phone Savvy, which bears the Industrie Forum design (iF) seal. Apart from its novel design, Savvy has a lot of interesting extras including a bio-rhythmical calendar that calculates the odds in both love and career. The short message service SMS not only sends texts but also little icons. It comes complete with a Euro converter and an alarm clock which rings, even when it is off. This comes from Philips in Hamburg.

DEBICARE addresses itself to the problem of clients who do not pay. It checks credit records and reminds debtors who do not pay on time automatically. If the client still fails to pay after the third reminder, it sends all the information straight through to the bailiff. This is from Andreae software KG in Hamburg.

The memory stick, the last offering of this overview, provides you with digital picture frames. It is a brand new storage and data transfer medium in mini-format. It can store the pictures from your digital camera or camcorder and then transfer them to your color printer or digital picture frame. No bigger than a stick of chewing gum, it has a storage capacity of 16 megabytes and will soon have 64, equal to thousands of pages, hundreds of digital pictures or several minutes of sound. It can reduce a Walkman to the size of a lipstick and can be used to transfer data by phone, from Sony Deutschland.