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China Telecom Helps Govt Web Sites, Works On Broadband, Trials VOIP

China Telecom will assist the country's government departments and ministries in setting up their Web sites, according to China's official news service Xinhua.

The national telecom will provide preferential treatment to government organization including 128 k data lines for the national level and 65 k for the provincial level connecting to 163 and 169 nets where a most private and business Web sites are sitting.

Shanghai's Wenhui Daily reported this week that the national carrier has developed an integrated network of public data and multi-media communications with an ATM broadband network linking all major cities to constructed shortly.

Moreover, China Telecom was recently selected by the government along with China Unicom and China Jitong Corp to operate IP telephony services for a six month trial.

"After a six-month trial operation, we will authorize more Internet service providers to engage in this business," Zhou Baoxin, deputy director of the Telecommunications Administration, told Business Weekly.

The cost of the Internet telephony services provided by the three will remain the same during the trial period.