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Qu�becers Find Bell Sympatico Sympathique: 100,000 Homes Connected

More than 100,000 households in the province of Québec are now connected to the Internet through Bell Sympatico.

The Sympatico site, whose clickthrough rate has grown by nearly 60 percent in the past year, is the most popular French-language Internet portal in Canada, with an average of 3.8 million page-views per week.

According the the company, the search engine voila.carrefour.net alone receives nearly one million visits a week.

"With the development and introduction of innovative services, like the launch of our first package combining the Internet with our long-distance savings plans, Internet Call Display and the Sympatico High-Speed Edition service with the Nortel 1-Meg modem, Bell is meeting the need expressed by internauts for simple, effective solutions," said Sylvie Lalande, Bell Canada VP, Communications and Consumer Market, Québec.

"Indeed, Bell continues to develop Internet services like MessageLink, which lets you use your voice mail to check whether you have e-mail waiting, or use the Internet to check whether you have voice mail waiting." The Sympatico service in now available without long-distance charges across 97 percent of Bell's territory in Québec, a figure that surpasses the company's goal of 95 percent.

Bell Canada, whose Head Office is located in Montréal, is the largest telecommunications company in Canada.