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Novell India Develops Directory Service

Novell Software Development India, the four-and-a-half-year-old fully owned subsidiary of network software company Novell Inc., has developed the Novell Directory Service (NDS) for Solaris--Sun Microsystems' UNIX operating environment.

Novell has positioned itself as a directory company and its key products are NDS for Netware, Windows NT and Solaris.

"We at Novell India realized that the future for the company and all of us depended on building products and not doing periphery work like coding and fixing bugs," maintained a senior official of Novell Software Development (India) Ltd.

NDS for Solaris is the first directory product which has been completely developed from the company's center.

Network directory service products store information about hardware and software resources on the network, thereby simplifying network management.

Industry sources point out that the products are increasingly used by corporates across the globe.

"Analysts predict the revenue from directory products to reach $5 billion in the year 2000. Directory business is crucial for Novell Inc.," the company official added.

Speaking about its other arm--Onward Novell Software (India) Ltd., which is a joint venture company between Novell Inc., USA and Onward Technologies, the official pointed out that the company offers a wide range of network solutions for distributed network, Internet, intranet and small business markets.

He added that making Novell products affordable to the Indian customer was a key cornerstone of the firm's marketing strategy.

To accomplish this, all the power brands of Novell are locally reproduced making them affordable to customers and reducing the delivery time.

Novell India is now in the process of developing NDS v 8 for Solaris, which it expects to deliver by June-end. NDS v 8 is Novell's next generation scalable Internet directory.

The representative added, "Our goal has been to be a full product company and we are moving towards it even at the cost of declining few projects. Developing major products means that within the corporation your contribution is in the right direction."

Novell India will set up a US$1 million testing facility for real-time testing in a simulated customer environment.

Commenting on the firm's education programs, the representative pointed out that the company ensured that administrators, resellers, consultants and other Novell users have the knowledge and tools to provide maintenance, service, support or training for Novell networks.

Onward Novell has appointed more than 35 major education players like Aptech, CMC, Datapro, TULEC and others as Novell Authorized Education Centers to impart authorized training on Novell products.

The company conducts CNE/MCNE/CNA/CNI tests at its Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad office with its tie-up with Sylvan Prometric Pty. USA.

DeveloperNet, Novell's comprehensive subscription program provides independent software vendors and corporate developers with technical information and software developer kit.

Moreover, the company has launched its `Yes' Certification program in India to certify networking hardware (servers, clients, LAN adapters, disk adapters).

Novell has developed the program to help customers easily identify and purchase third party hardware and software products that are compatible with the Novell product line.

Earlier vendors had to send their networking hardware to Novell Inc., USA, to obtain this certification and the entire process used to take six months. Now it is completed in a month's time.