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ISDEX Futures Approved For Trading

ISDEX Futures were approved by the SEC and CFTC (the two boards governing futures and investing products) which means investors wanting a way to invest in ISDEX can do so by trading futures contracts at the Kansas City Board of Trade soon.

For the uninitiated here's a nice definition of futures: simply put a futures contract is an agreement by the investor to buy or sell a certain number of an investment vehicle (in this case the ISDEX index) at a designated future month at a price agreed by both buyer and seller. Futures contracts are promises to actually buy or sell at that date and price and not an option to do so.

Options will also be available. What's an "option?" an option gives you the right to buy or sell ISDEX futures but is not a promise to actually do either.

Which is all a wordy way of saying that ISDEX has now become the world's first Internet stock index futures contract investment. Whew! For more info please see kcbt.com.

Meanwhile, on the WEBDEX front, a look at the top 10 Website values per unique user shows values dipping as merger mania loses some steam.

With the merger of AOL (NYSE:AOL - news) and Netscape complete I'm allocating a higher valuation for AOL.com as it holds the promise of leveraging the Netscape.com user base perhaps into more cross-pollinated services. While not necessary to boost the value I believe certain elements of Netscape's Netcenter better fit with AOL.com and vice versa.

Net net that translates into more potential for ecommerce, marketing and advertising across a wider swath of Internet user both at work (Netcenter) and at home (AOL and AOL.com).

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