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Hindujas Produces Broadband Applications

The Hindujas are setting up a new company that will provide backbone services like international leased circuits to the Internet to private sector Internet Service Providers (ISPs), according to sources.

The group is planning to invest an estimated Rs 100 crore over a two-year period in the venture which will also provide gateway services to private ISPs to route their traffic to the Internet, sources pointed out.

The firm is keeping in step with the National Task Force on Information Technology recommendations.

In its 108-point IT Action Plan, the Task Force had recommended that private ISPs be allowed to set up their own international gateways subject to security clearances.

The gateway services had till now been a monopoly of Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL), which still retains the status for all other applications except Internet services.

While the Indian government has resolved to make India a global superpower and a front runner in the age of Information Revolution, it has made several revisions and additions to the policy and procedures for removing bottlenecks and achieving such pre-eminent status for the country, sources maintained.

The info-infrastructure drive of the government is to accelerate the drive for setting up a world class info infrastructure with an extensive spread of fibre optic networks, Sitcom networks and wireless networks for seamlessly interconnecting the Local Informatics Infrastructure, National Informatics Infrastructure and the Global Informatics Infrastructure to ensure a fast nation-wide onset of the Internet, extranets and intranets.

This is where players like the Hindujas can invest and reap rich dividends, sources said adding that tie ups were more the order of the day in this particular segment.

Hinduja's new firm will initially lease 50 mega bits per second (MBPS) of international circuit to the Internet which will subsequently be increased to 100 MBPS in two years, the sources said.

However, these circuits will be on satellite, instead of cables which the VSNL uses for its Internet services, For this purpose, the company is planning to lease a full C-band transponder, sources added.

The company currently has offers from about three satellite companies and is to take a decision shortly in this regard, sources maintained.

The new-found company will not only lease the bandwidth to the other private ISPs but will also provide the necessary bandwidth to In CableNet, the Hinduja-owned cable TV distribution company.