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Corporate E-Commerce System Debuts for Brazil Retailers

Business management systems company SAP has released the Retail Center, a resources center for retailers.

The system was developed in a partnership with IBM and Seal. The goal is to offer retailers the best software and hardware technologies to automate their production processes.

The Internet plays a key role in the supply chain process--the communication between the main shop, suppliers and distributors will now be done over the Web. The price for this solution varies depending on each client's needs.

"With this system shops will be able to cut costs, once they won't need a link of their own for each client. All they have to do is go over the Internet and keep in touch," said Bràulio Souza Vianna, retail solution manager at SAP Brasil. "A retailer chain may use this solution in its home office, and its branches may have access to the system over the Internet," he said.

"The sales staff do not have to go to the supplier to fill in the orders. Thus they may employ their time in other more relevant activities," explained Vianna. He said this enables shops to cut production and distribution costs. "And as a consequence, the product final price is also lower."

The Retail Center also includes an e-commerce system. According to Vianna, the virtual commerce process management will also be easier.

"The client accesses and fills an order," he said. "The system detects if the product is not available in stock and searches immediately in the supplier's stock.

"If the supplier doesn't have it available either, the system simulates a production order and the lead time for this. The system does all this, he observes, but the client receives just the information he needs, that is, the delivery date. Big retailers, such as Riachuelo and C&A are already adopting the system.