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ISDEX Rises On Investor Enthusiam, Deals

Investors flock back into Internet stocks, sending ISDEX up 5% while the broader market also rises to the occasion. OneMain (NASDAQ:ONEM) sells 8.5 million shares at $22, opens at $38, hits $46.75 high and closes at $39.5625. The rural ISP serves 273,000 subscribers. Today's snapshot:

  3/25/99 % change point change
ISDEX 539.89 5.7% 29.28
NASDAQ 2,434.89 2.9% 69.61
DJIA 9,836.39 1.8% 169.55

  • eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) inks a deal with AOL to expand its personal auctions on the online service. The deal sends EBAY shares up 9% to $159.375. eBay will pay AOL $75 million for a four-year agreement. AOL also gets promotion on eBay as its preferred online service.

  • Inktomi (NASDAQ:INKT) inks deals with 8 new customers for its wholesale search services. BellSouth, chello broadband n.v., ComBus, Global DataTel, GoProfit, StarMedia Network, ThundaTech, and 4anything.com. Inktomi serves 25 sites.