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InsynQ Snags Accountingstation.com's Customer Base

Tacoma-based InsynQ Inc., which concentrates on delivery of business software applications and managed services over Internet-based WANs, Wednesday acquired Acconuntingstation.com's customer base of more than 150 accountants and CPAs.

"This just demonstrates our dominance in the accounting channel, which we identified as our niche last year," said InsynQ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Gorst. "We are positioned to grow exponentially through our marketing campaigns, strategic alliances and acquisitions. Accountingstation.com was a direct competitor offering a stripped down version of our virtual desktop but market conditions and lack of capital, which has been difficult for everyone in our business, forced a good company to close its doors."

InsynQ also unveiled plans to lease equipment within FiberCloud's class "A" data center in Bellingham, Wash. to handle the company growth.