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Israeli Internet Firms Form Strategic Partnership

Internet Zahav, a leading Internet service provider in Israel, and Internet development firm Magic have signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide a comprehensive package of solutions to computer- and Internet-related businesses.

Within this framework, Internet Zahav subscribers and Magic customers will benefit from the combined services of each company.

Internet Zahav will provide its customers with Magic solutions in the areas of Internet and intranet. Magic will be considered an Internet Zahav distributor and Magic customers will be offered Internet hookups via frame relay lines or Point-to-Point at special rates.

"I believe that this strategic partnership can provide the corporate customers of both Internet Zahav and Magic with a comprehensive range of services required for both Internet and data management," said Etti Friedberg, Internet Zahav's corporate client manager.

"The partnership with Internet Zahav is in keeping with company policy of providing comprehensive solutions for its customers," said Oren Inbar, manager of the Israeli branch of Magic. "For example, the new electronic commerce application, Magic e-Merchant, offers corporate solutions for selling and distributing merchandise via the Web. "This strategic partnership opens the way to these new markets and I believe will also attract new target markets."