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NTMail Stops The Melissa Virus, Says Vendor

British security firm Gordano says that companies running its NTMail with the Virus Scanner option installed have been completely unaffected by any ill effects of the Melissa virus.

The virus, which has wrought havoc with e-mail systems on both sides of the Atlantic, is carried as a Microsoft Word file attachment and is replicated unwittingly by users of Microsoft Outlook. It is easily detected by the automatic scanner on the NTMail server.

"We noticed a number of system generated management messages informing us of virus detection and rejection," said Steve Larson, VP of Systems Services for Enterprise Network Systems. "Because we use NTMail with its Virus Scanner option, the virus detected never affected us."

NTMail is a popular mail server for the NT platform and can handle thousands of users and millions of e-mail messages every day. Developed by Gordano (formerly Internet Shopper Ltd.) it is part of a product range that also includes NTList, a powerful list server for the same platform.

A fully operational, 28-day demo of NTMail is available from the vendor.