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Canadian ISP Group Files Second Petition Against Bell Canada

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) has filed a second application with the CRTC against Bell Canada.

The application asks that Bell Canada file a tariff for the provision of 1 Megabit Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Access Service, including separate tariffs for each of the network components and services that form a part of the ADSL access service.

CAIP contends that, unless it has received regulatory forbearance for a particular service, Bell Canada is required to file tariffs for all of the services that it provides to its customers--including to its own affiliates such as Sympatico.

"Their failure to do so, after nearly four months, is a serious breach of Bell's obligations under the Telecom Act," said CAIP president, Ron Kawchuk.

"The CRTC must act quickly. The Internet is rapidly evolving to advanced high-speed applications and services. There is an urgent need to ensure that high-speed access is available to all Internet service providers and not just to affiliates of the former monopoly provider of the last mile."

Bell Nexxia, another Bell affiliate, has recently offered ISPs one alternative, but it falls seriously short in CAIP's view.

CAIP is Canada's national association of Internet service providers, with over 150 members in nine provinces.