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Micro Sharp Unleashes Network Monitoring Service

Vancouver, Wash.-based Micro Sharp Technology Inc. Wednesday launched a network monitoring service to help customers reduce network downtime by immediately alerting customers' engineers to the loss of a router, data line (T-1, cable modem, DSL, etc.) or server connection.

"Every time your Internet connection goes down, you lose money," said Dave Mandel, product manager for Micro Sharp. "In looking at the main business problems, we found the interruption of network services is inevitable. If there is a way to reduce down time, you will save money and increase productivity. When you consider that our monitoring service only costs $15 a month per service, and the dollars saved by immediate contact on failure, your investment is recovered in an extremely short period of time."

The monitoring service is user-adminstrated over the Internet from a secure Web browser. Warnings are issued via e-mail, e-pager or cellular phone.