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MicroSurfer Speeds Surfing With IE 5

MicroSurfer Corp. released version 1.1 of MicroSurfer, a browser companion designed to speed and simplify surfing with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

MicroSurfer downloads all the links the user wants to visit for each session and displays their content. There is no need to backtrack using the browser's back button--a process that is often slower than moving to a new page on the Internet.

MicroSurfer downloads several sites at the same time, maximizing the bandwidth available via a modem connection. The latest version of MicroSurfer can be set so that it automatically opens all the stored links when it is launched. It also offers offline viewing--which enables users to save money on their telephone bills.

"By separating the downloading of web pages from their display, MicroSurfer allows users to surf through pages at speeds greater than even the fastest Internet connection," said David Bernstein, president of MicroSurfer and the creator of the program. "With MicroSurfer, you can surf to Web pages instantly, in any order, with just a single click of your mouse."

MicroSurfer, for Windows 95, 98 or NT, costs $29.95, backed by a 60-day, money-back guarantee.