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Saltmine, Action Engine Team for Wireless Apps

Seattle-based Saltmine Inc. teamed with Redmond-based Action Engine Tuesday in a strategic partnership aimed at speeding development and integration of customer applications for the Action Engine Mobile Services Framework (MSF).

The MSF is designed to meet the needs of wireless carriers, OEMs and enterprise customers by giving Action Engine licensees the ability to mobilize data, and deploy and update applications across operating systems and mobile devices. Under the deal, Saltmine will develop and deploy tailored enterprise applications that operate on the Action Engine framework. The applications will range from CRM and financial services tools to other enterprise-specific offerings.

"This deal is an important step in further developing applications for the Action Engine framework and thus building on the framework's value to enterprises and end-users," said Kevin Morris, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Action Engine. " Action Engine has developed the crucial software layer that enables users to transact and leverage efficient data transmissions using 2 and 2.5G networks. Saltmine, along with our other partners, will develop extremely useful applications that take full advantage of our software's unique features."