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Repubblica.it Ranks #1 Among Online Reading

Repubblica.it, the online version of the daily, La Repubblica newspaper, is the preferred Internet reading of Italians (21.4%), according to a survey by Infocity.

The recent announcement came as no surprise, considering that newsstand sales of the Rome-based newspaper reach 500,000 copies a day. What did come as a surprise, however, was the second place, Affari Italiani.

An online "marketplace" for the sale of new and used items, Affari Italiani is read, according to the Infocity's study, by 12.8 percent of those who get their news and information through Italian Internet sources on a daily basis. Il Sole 24 Ore Online, another daily newspaper, ranked third with 11.4 percent, while the popular sports paper, Gazzetta dello Sport Online captured 7.2 percent of readers, taking the number four spot.

More than 80 percent of those surveyed said that they had full confidence in the information published in online newspapers, compared to only 4.2 percent that were extremely cautious about believing what they read over the net.

Also of interest were Italy's online reading habits, revealed by the survey. At least 43.4 percent of all Web readers said they look at their preferred online newspaper at least once a day. Thirty-seven percent confessed to several connections within any given 24-hour period. And, surprisingly, only 2.2 percent say that they read an online newspaper only once a week.

And what are Italians reading? Politics (42.5%) took the top ranking, followed by sports (20%), culture (10%), and technology (7.5%).