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NetWhistle.com Alerts Owners When Site Is Down

NetWhistle.com recently launched its flagship service, NetWhistle, designed to alert Web site owners to the status of their sites.

If a site goes down, NetWhistle.com notifies the owner free of charge by e-mail or pager. The vendor said it plans to generate revenue by offering additional, premium level monitoring services, and by attracting corporate advertisers.

The vendor points out that the larger Internet retailers, such as amazon.com, eBay and CDnow have their own in-house hosting and monitoring capabilities. Smaller companies usually contract out their Web hosting to ISPs, most of which do not notify the site owner when the network is down. NetWhistle.com plans to make it easy for even the smallest business to have downtime alerting facilities.

"This free service will help small business owners who entrust their livelihood to the Internet to monitor the level of customer service they're providing in a proactive way," said NetWhistle's president, John Hawley. "We see ourselves as the champion of small business owners on the Internet and hope that everyone will take advantage of this free service."

A similar in the UK service started this month, called Site.Reporter. For a small fee, Site.Reporter will keep an eye on any host or machine, including routers, mailservers and Web servers, "so you don't have to."