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Dice to Provide Job Listings for Enron Employees

Dice Inc. , an online recruiting service for IT professionals, announced Wednesday it will supply technical job listings through an online job board dedicated to former Enron employees.

The online resource,, was created after Enron filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on December 2, 2001. It was created by, an association for energy and technology professionals, and a group of displaced Enron employees to help other former Enron employees find work.

Once on site, individuals can search job opportunities by title, keyword, and job type in a proprietary format. Jobs ranging from technical writers to software engineers, will be among the thousands of listings will provide, the company said.

"The situation at Enron has created a pool of available, highly-skilled technology professionals," said Scot Melland, chief executive officer of "By working with to provide our clients access to this exceptional talent, we benefit both the displaced workers and our corporate and recruiting partners."

New York City-based will be making a special effort to list jobs from Texas and the southwest. It's sales force is actively soliciting job posting from companies in these regions, Melland said. Job seekers will also be able to search jobs worldwide from's search engine. "There are a number of southwest area companies we're in touch with that have expressed interest," Melland said.

There will be no fees charged to job seekers nor do they have enter personal information to take advantage of's postings, Melland said.

"Throughout the industry people know that Enron has always hired the most experienced professionals and that is why Enron was one of the fastest growing energy giants in its heyday," said Anthony Huang, co-founder and executive officer of "When we launched we needed a job board and ... didn't return our calls. Then we called and they said they'd love to do it."

According to Huang, is "the largest ex-Enron North America employee contact site" available today.