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Microsoft to Acquire LinkExchange
By Cyrus Afzali
November 05, 1998

Microsoft Corp. expanded into the online advertising arena Thursday by purchasing LinkExchange Inc. for a reported $250 million in stock.

LinkExchange confirmed the purchase in a letter sent to members Thursday, however the company did not disclose the financial details.

"After months of discussions and meetings with Microsoft, we all came to the conclusion that we can do some pretty incredible things together," LinkExchange said in a statement.

One of the changes being made immediately is the inclusion of LinkExchange's membership directory into MSN's Web Directory. MSN is also setting aside a portion of ad space on its network for LinkExchange members.

"We're going to continue to integrate LinkExchange with Microsoft products and services such as Hotmail, Internet Explorer, FrontPage and MSN to create better services for Web site owners," the company said.

Web developers with sites hosting LinkExchange ads can view questions and answers about the deal here