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In Celebration of Earth Day

Many celebrate Earth Day (April 22) as the birthday of the environmental movement. Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has seen a growing number of celebrations, actions, and coordinated efforts worldwide to produce new, earth-changing habits, such as recycling and clean energy.

The tools in the fight to raise awareness, reduce pollution, and create a sustainable lifestyle for everyone (and everything) on earth include legislation, activism, art, and also technology. Among the newest tools in the green toolbox is Wi-Fi. Here we gather some of our favorite stories from the past year on the ways in which Wi-Fi is contributing to the effort to protect the environment.

Save the Planet, Work Remotely [March 18, 2008] Aruba and Avaya team up to provide secure enterprise-quality voice and data applications to remote workers--and reduce greenhouse gases while they're at it. By Naomi Graychase

Wi-Fi, Philanthropy, and Solar Power [January 14, 2008] Wi-Fi plays a crucial philanthropic and educational role as Burning Man artists and organizers donate what could amount to millions of dollars in free electricity to schools and a hospital in Nevada. By Amy Mayer

Going Green [November 9, 2007] The Ferreira Construction building in Branchburg, NJ has the distinction of being the first “Net Zero Electric” commercial building in the United States. The 42,000 square foot “smart” building is the workplace for 100 people, and generates more energy from a renewable source than it consumes—thus making it “net zero electric.” By Naomi Graychase

Here Comes the Sun [November 26, 2007] From remote villages to train yards and vineyards, solar power shines in Wi-Fi deployments. By Amy Mayer

Solar-powered Wi-Fi [January 31, 2008] As solar power becomes more affordable to deploy at both the consumer and enterprise level, Wi-Fi monitoring systems are key in maximizing its efficiency. At the other end of the spectrum (so to speak), solar-powered access points enable WLANs to be deployed in poor, rural, or rugged areas, bringing Wi-Fi to new, previously inaccessible locations. By the Wi-FiPlanet staff.

Green Wi-Fi's Solar Samaritans [January 31, 2008] Off-duty engineers find low-cost ways to make the sun power Wi-Fi in remote locations. By Amy Mayer

Green is the New Black [February 4, 2008] Black is the fashion industry’s never-fail color. For every other industry, green is the color that can’t lose—environmental green, that is. By Greg Enriquez

Is In-Vehicle Wi-Fi a Boon For Commuters? [April 9, 2008] Public transportation companies worldwide are hoping to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations--and their ridership--by integrating wireless solutions on their trains and buses. By Dan Casciato

Greyhound Launches In-bus Wi-Fi [March 26, 2008] Greyhound has launched a new service that will offer affordable tickets (as low as $1 each way when purchased in advance online), slightly more leg room (three inches, to be exact), and free on-board Wi-Fi to travelers in its major Northeastern corridors. By Naomi Graychase

PDAs Help Save Lives in Peru [April 17, 2008] While handhelds are contributing to the well-being and survival of certain medical patients in Peru, the availability of Wi-Fi would make a substantial improvement. By Amy Mayer

Around the World in 80 Nodes [April 15, 2008] Samsung Medical Center in Korea deploys WLAN for voice and other features; UK ferries get Wi-Fi for crews; Aruba serves 250,000 Canadian university students; Tune in Tokyo: iPass expands its Japanese footprint; and more. By Naomi Graychase

Taking it to the Rails: WiMAX on Trains [April 2, 2008] UK-based Nomad Digital uses WiMAX to provide Internet access on trains--because, conveniently enough, both radio waves and railways go in straight lines. By Jeff Goldman

When Disaster Strikes, Wi-Fi Responds [March 7, 2008] In almost any disaster recovery scenario--from wild fires to bridge collapses to earthquakes or storms--Wi-Fi offers the perfect mix of flexibility and interoperability. By Jeff Goldman

Stories compiled by Naomi Graychase, Wi-FiPlanet Manging Editor.