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Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Going Strong

Vancouver-based Tranzeo Wireless Technologies was founded back in 2000 by current CEO Jim Tocher.

"For the last seven years, the company has focused on Wi-Fi-based outdoor wireless access, and has been very successful at leading network access for WISPs…We have about 2,600 dealers and WISPs that buy our products," says Dave Gelvin, President of Tranzeo USA.

Two years ago, Gelvin says, the company expanded into the WiMAX market, targeting both WISPs and carriers. "In addition to our Wi-Fi outdoor access products, we now have a family of WiMAX products—subscriber units that interoperate with carrier grade base stations from other companies like Redline and Aperto, and also a pico base station that's specifically targeted to the WISP market," he says.

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Tranzeo now boasts a broad product catalog that includes a number of different 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz solutions. "They can be configured either as base stations, as client devices or as access points—and you can do point-to-point networking and point-to-multipoint," Gelvin says. A new Wi-Fi mesh router, he says, was added to the catalog just over a year ago.

The company's WiMAX solutions include a 3.5 GHz product line for non-U.S. deployments, as well as a 5.8 GHz pico base station and subscriber units. "In our pico base station, the WISP can manage service level agreements—they can have an open network for low paying subscribers, and then they can have Silver, Gold and Platinum subscribers that pay more but get a guaranteed level of service," Gelvin says.

Key differentiators
One major differentiator for Tranzeo, Gelvin says, is price. "WISPs can't even consider spending $10,000 or $20,000 on a base station when they start out with 25 to 50 subscribers," he says. "So our pico base station is really targeted to the WISP. The price of the base station is under $2,000, the subscriber unit is under $200, and it's targeted at about 25 subscribers per base station."

With that in mind, Gelvin says, Tranzeo has also established interoperability and reseller agreements with other manufacturers like Redline. "They have their own CPE—it's a fairly high end, fairly expensive CPE—and then their sales guys also have our CPEs in their product line… so it gives them a low cost CPE to offer to their customers," he says.

The company's new element management system, Gelvin says, helps a provider manage a range of different solutions simultaneously. "It allows a WISP to install Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi mesh and WiMAX all in the same environment, and to manage it with a single system that we provide," he says. "This is a product that we've just launched in the last two or three months."

Tranzeo offers a three-year warranty on its WiMAX products and a five-year warranty on its Wi-Fi products—which Gelvin says is a testament to the products' reliability. "Because we manage our own factory [in Vancouver], our quality level is much higher than if we were to manufacture through contract manufacturers in Singapore or in Taiwan," he says.

An expanding market
While Wi-Fi remains Tranzeo's strongest offering, Gelvin says the company is seeing a lot of interest in WiMAX, especially from emerging markets. "In so many developing countries, like India, all of the countries in Africa, the Middle East, and in Indonesia and the Pacific Rim, where they don't have a lot of wireline communication, they seem to be adopting WiMAX much more aggressively than Wi-Fi," he says.

In response to that global demand, Tranzeo has been expanding its worldwide presence. "In San Diego we have a support facility for local returns, field returns and field support for the United States," Gelvin says. "And we've opened an operation in Shannon, Ireland to support Europe, and we're starting to bring on salespeople in-country—hopefully one in China, one in Europe, and potentially one in India."

Although the majority of the company's R&D is currently being spent on WiMAX, Gelvin says, Tranzeo's Wi-Fi products also continue to evolve. "WISPs are always looking for lower cost products, so as our product matures, we redesign it—we're coming out with a family of lower-cost subscriber units in the Wi-Fi market," he says.

Gelvin says Tranzeo will soon offer a series of more robust Wi-Fi products as well. "Wi-Fi is starting to compete as last mile against carriers… so we're also coming out with a family of products that offer VLAN for different user groups and different levels of quality of service," he says. "There is still a lot of life in the Wi-Fi market."

Article courtesy of ISP-Planet.com.