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Tripod Revises Web Building Tools

Online community Tripod, part of the Lycos Network, Monday released Homepage Studio 2.0, the latest upgrade to its suite of homepage building tools and services.

Homepage Studio 2.0 introduces the "One-Minute Page,"a new home page building tool offering instant homepage building tools to members with no knowledge of HTML and the ability incorporate more complex homepage features such as the news, weather and horoscope Info Flashes and search boxes.

The same program allows HTML dabblers to include their own coding in the custom design, and advanced builders can add features such as Smart Ads and participate in a banner exchange program designed to promote member sites and drive more traffic to them. Homepage Studio 2.0 expands Tripod's Info Flashes to include four new categories: lottery results, best-selling books, TV listings and will soon include various metropolitan area traffic reports beyond Boston.

Homepage Studio 2.0 expands builders' privacy options, permitting members to restrict access to a portion of or all their homepages, including chat rooms and message boards.

Community members can now use NameSecure, a domain name registration service, to obtain a personalized domain name for their site.

"Homepage Studio 2.0 is the direct result of great comments and suggestions we received from members," said Tim Breen, Tripod's acting director of product management. "We were pleased that members with all levels of homepage building experience shared their suggestions on how to make homepage building on Tripod a better, more enjoyable experience."

Tripod, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lycos, Inc., provides homepage-publishing tools to its interactive community, including wide-ranging commerce sites, of more than 3.4 million members.