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Terran Launches Cleaner 5

Terran Interactive, a subsidiary of Media 100 Inc. , Monday announced its camera-to-web streaming media solution -- Cleaner 5. Cleaner 5 is designed to enable web designers, web developers and Internet broadcasters to produce highly-interactive, dynamic streaming media content for next generation, interactive video-enabled web sites.

Using Cleaner 5, web designers can embed interactive, multidimensional instructions directly into streaming media content for enhanced entertainment and e-commerce web sites.

"Cleaner 5 presents a valuable proposition for the web designer or Internet broadcaster looking to create a new Internet experience, using streaming media as the catalyst for innovation and interactivity," said John Molinari, chief executive officer of Media 100. "Cleaner 5 represents a new paradigm in web design where the streaming content becomes interactive. We're giving web designers new and better tools to create and deliver immersive and emotive streaming content to online viewers."

"Cleaner 5 solves the fundamental challenges facing web designers today - how to create high-quality, highly-interactive streaming media content for the web in all formats and at all data rates with a single, powerful, tightly integrated solution. We're building on the strong foundation of Media Cleaner to provide an entirely new approach to interactive web design," John Geyer, vice president of product marketing for Terran Interactive added. "Cleaner 5 takes web development and interactive streaming creation to an entirely new level with one solution - we've developed the next killer app for the Internet."

Features include:

    -Capture: Users can capture video content from any digital video (DV) camcorder and import it directly into Cleaner 5. Users can create interactive streaming media programs from start to finish. Additionally, for those looking to create high end steaming content in a high volume environment, such as Internet broadcasters, Cleaner 5 integrates with leading content creation systems, like Media 100 i and iFinish. Cleaner 5 also integrates with the popular Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro digital video editing systems.
    -Author: Interactive streaming design is made possible by EventStream technology, designed to create streaming media content specifically for the web, and not simply re-purpose content originally intended for other means of broadcast, like television. EventStream enables web designers to embed interactive, multidimensional instructions directly into streaming media programs to trigger visual, content-rich capabilities, including graphics, Flash animations, Java applications - all synchronized with the streaming video on the web site.

    -Encode: Cleaner 5 supports all major streaming media formats, including RealSystem, Windows Media, QuickTime, MP-3, as well as AVI, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, and enables users to quickly encode streaming media content.

    -Publish: Cleaner 5 enables customers to publish finished streaming content directly to a streaming web server - directly from within the Cleaner 5 application -- using StreamPublisher.

Terran Interactive also announced that Cleaner 5 will be an integral technology component to Media 100's future streaming media systems, software and services offerings. Cleaner 5 will continue to be integrated with products such as Media 100 i, iFinish, EditDV, as well as with Media 100's services offerings from Streamriver Networks.

Cleaner 5 will begin shipping in October 2000 with an SRP $599 (USD). Existing Media Cleaner customers can upgrade to Cleaner 5 for $179. New users that purchase Media Cleaner Pro version 4 after September 11, 2000 can upgrade to Cleaner 5 for $49 with proof of purchase until December 1, 2000.

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