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It's Not Just Music Anymore, It's Business

Anyone who doubted the importance of multimedia to the Web should be convinced by this week's doings at RealNetworks' developer conference...not just the excited attendees, but the announcements.

A few weeks ago, the big news was Microsoft's introduction of new codecs and streaming formats. This week, RealNetworks turned things around by introducing RealJukebox, a consumer-friendly interface for virtually all digital music, and RealSystem MP, an open architecture multimedia management system.

Perhaps just as important for long-term strategy, they also came out with an advertising application (which could use a better name than Advertising Application) that lets ad materials be integrated with multimedia delivered from their RealServer G2 using SMIL support.

RealNetworks weren't the only ones with new products aimed at the commercial market, though. Telos Systemsand Digital Bitcasting came out with an "MP3 radio station in a box" that lets anyone plunk down $10,000 and walk away with a setup that can take high-quality audio in one end and live-stream it to the Internet at the other.

Also, Cognicity released AudioKey Lite, which allows content creators to watermark audio files.