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WebBoard 4.0 Release Includes Enhanced Scalability

O'Reilly & Associates Monday unveiled WebBoard 4.0, the latest edition of its discussion and chat server software.

This release, which will hit store shelves in June, will feature enhanced scalability and include a freely-distributable version of Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) as part of the product's scalability upgrade.

With scalability such an important feature for many companies, WebBoard 4.0, was designed so that scaling up would be a simplified process. WebBoard relies on a database for storing forum data; customers can use either Microsoft SQL Server for highly trafficked sites, or they can start with MSDE, which is identical in its core functionality to Microsoft SQL Server. When site traffic increases, they can just upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server.

WebBoard's scalability coincides with WebBoard's pricing structure. A single WebBoard license, which sells for a retail price of $1199, is good for up to 255 boards or forums (used on one or many systems), with unlimited users. A single copy of WebBoard can "live" on multiple systems, which means that the system is never down.

WebBoard 4.0 also includes many other enhancements, such as expanded customization features and support for newsreaders. This version maintains previous features, including IRC chat for 1,000 simultaneous users, paging and more.