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Linkbot Pro 4.1 Features Website Quality Index

Tetranet Software Monday announced the release of Linkbot Pro 4.1, an automated Web site testing tool which scans JavaScript, HTML 4.0 and FORM tags for potential problems and generates graphical reports detailing errors.

New features in this release include the Website Quality Index and the ability to search links in FORM tags. Linkbot continues to develop other features including Metatag reports and full integration with Web editors like Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Allaire's Homesite and Microsoft's FrontPage

The Website Quality Index is composed of the total number of broken internal links, broken external links, slow pages, pages missing titles and broken anchors found on a Web site calculated based on the average per 1000 links. This index can then be compared to a Fortune 500 list, as well as other more specific sector lists. Linkbot Pro 4.1 also tests FORM tags and the links they connect to.

A 15-day evaluation copy of Linkbot Pro is available from the Tetranet Web site.