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OASIS Launches XML.ORG To Enable XML for E-Business

OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, Wednesday unveiled XML.ORG, a global XML industry portal operated by a non-profit corporation and devoted to open information exchange.

Central to XML.ORG will be an open industry XML registry and repository offering automated public access to XML schemas. The registry/repository aims to help enable the use of industry-defined XML applications for electronic commerce, business-to-business transactions, and tools and application interoperability.

As XML becomes a key data interchange format on the Web, XML.ORG aims to provide access to industry-specific XML specifications, as well as assistance in designing these specifications. XML.ORG hopes to provide information on XML interoperability in five areas.

  1. XML.ORG will provide a registry and repository for the access and management of XML schemas and other public resources (DTDs, namespaces, stylesheets, public key certificates, etc.). Through XML.ORG, industry groups will be able to register their XML data exchange specifications, individuals will be able to look for specifications in their areas of interest, and applications will be able to access XML resources needed when acting on an XML document.
  2. The XML.ORG site will implement an architecture employing existing and emerging standards for XML registry/repositories allowing vendors to create interoperable versions of the registry.
  3. XML.ORG will serve as an information portal for the work of OASIS-hosted industry groups defining and extending domain-oriented XML specifications for industries that lack XML expertise or the ability to support and refine these specifications on an ongoing basis. Any OASIS participant may propose the formation of a working group to define or extend an OASIS-hosted industry standardization effort.
  4. XML.ORG will provide a public source for interoperability guidelines to ensure that XML can provide for the open exchange of structured data. This work extends an ongoing OASIS technical initiative to ensure XML conformance in cooperation with the U. S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  5. XML.ORG will provide a public source for XML educational and training materials developed by OASIS. Initially, XML.ORG will provide basic resources to the XML community such as Robin Cover's SGML/XML pages, details of various industry schema efforts, free XML software, a link to IBM's xCentral XML search engine, news and education relevant to the XML community.

As it evolves, XML.ORG hopes to become the reference portal for XML developers, pointing them to available schemas and other XML industry specifications. Through the site, XML developers will be able to search for existing specifications used in their industry and to monitor the work of groups designing specifications for their particular market niche.

When the registry/repository becomes fully functional later this year, the portal will serve as a mechanism for the automatic resolution of DTD, schema, and stylesheet references, providing an invaluable resource for XML-based e-commerce and serving as a model for the distribution of such services.