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Sane Solutions Releases New Traffic Analysis Tool

Sane Solutions LLC, a Web site traffic analysis software company, and Cobalt Networks, a network server appliances company, Friday released NetTracker Professional and NetTracker Enterprise for the Cobalt RaQ and RaQ 2 server appliances.

NetTracker Professional and NetTracker Enterprise can provide Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Web hosting companies with web site usage.

The NetTracker 4.0 Professional and NetTracker 4.0 Enterprise web browser interface allows access to NetTracker web site traffic statistics remotely via the Internet. This feature makes NetTracker reports accessible to non-technical personnel such as sales and marketing managers. Since NetTracker resides on the Cobalt server appliance where the log files are stored, users do not have to download large log files to their computers.

NetTracker Professional and NetTracker Enterprise contain a variety of standardized summary reports with drill down capabilities which enable users to dynamically link to get web site traffic information. In addition, both products allow users to export data for use in popular software programs such as Excel, Access and Word. NetTracker can also graph reports to analyze trends and make presentations.

NetTracker Professional is designed to analyze a single Web site and is priced at $495. NetTracker Enterprise is designed to analyze multiple Web sites and is priced on a per-site-basis starting at $995 for five Web sites.

ISPs and Web hosting companies that are interested in a less expensive alternative to purchasing NetTracker Enterprise can apply to join the NetTracker ISP Partners Program. Benefits include a special free copy of a NetTracker Enterprise configured to automatically invoice ISPs a small monthly fee for each of their virtually hosted customers that are using NetTracker. Currently there are more than 300 ISPs worldwide enrolled in the program.