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Bluestone Updates E-Commerce Server

Bluestone Software Thursday released Sapphire/Web Release 6.1, the latest version of its platform-independent, pure Java application server for enterprise-class Internet commerce.

With Sapphire/Web Release 6.1, Bluestone continues to support the JavaServer Pages 1.0 specification and the Java Servlet API, two components of Sun's Enterprise Java technologies. It also provides distributed JSP and Java Servlet engines that gives JSP and Java Servlet load balancing, scalability, fault tolerance and technologies such as Internet Quality of Service and real-time management. The Java Servlet API provides a platform for Web applications while JSP technology provides a server-side scripting mechanism.

Sapphire/Web's Load Balance Broker can be deployed as a Java Servlet itself within a Web server farm, or as an ISAPI or NSAPI within Microsoft or Netscape Web servers to balance the load across any number of application server boxes hosting the Java Servlet or JSP applications.

In addition, Sapphire/Web's Load Balance Broker can take Java Servlet and JSP applications into non-browser based applications by deployment as a JavaBean or Enterprise JavaBean. In conjunction with Bluestone's XML-Server, this new capability offers an open platform for developers.

Other features included in Sapphire/Web 6.1 are
  • A JDBC Driver Proxy that provides connection pooling for JDBC-compliant drivers.
  • Sapphire/Web's Internet Quality of Service facility provides dynamic service level differentiation where the best users get the highest application performance possible while other users may be upgraded on-the-fly according to their site interactions.
  • Sapphire/Application Manager adds real-time monitoring, control, and deployment options to any JSP or Java Servlet. It provides notification services for outages, performance bottlenecks, and trending as well as integration to Enterprise Management Systems like CA Unicenter.
  • Bluestone's Hot Versioning technology is also available to any Java Servlet or JSP, thereby giving Website administrators the ability to upgrade a site without incurring downtime.
  • Java Application Server Class Library has such features as Persistent State Servers, Live Object Cache, and Security.
Sapphire/Web Release 6.1 is available in Beta, with production shipment scheduled for July 30. Pricing remains unchanged for Sapphire/Web Release 6.1, starting at $25,000 for a starter kit.