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Bluestone Announces Software Giveaway

Bluestone Software Wednedsay announced plans to give away 3,000 copies of Bluestone Visual-XML, a toolkit for building XML applications.

During the JavaOne '99 show in San Francisco, June 15-18, Bluestone will be giving away 2,900 free copies at its booth No. 612 on the show floor. The additional 100 free copies of Bluestone Visual-XML will be given away at Bluestone's annual JavaOne party.

Bluestone Visual-XML is a pure Java development tool that makes use of a graphical user interface, drag-and-drop capabilities, and Mentor, Bluestone's interactive navigation and help facility for development of dynamic XML applications. Bluestone Visual-XML aims to expand XML adoption beyond traditional application developers and into the ranks of database programmers and other business users.

Bluestone Visual-XML's database publishing wizard helps users generate XML documents from data stored in a database, without any coding. The process wizard allows for the input of XML documents into a dynamic XML server.

An example application is included with Visual-XML, showing the use of several Open Application Group (OAG) Document Type Definition's (DTDs) for processing purchase orders against a database, including logging of transactions. This sample application can be a useful template for creating applications with emerging industry DTD's and DTD repositories, such as OBI, cXML, RosettaNet, OASIS, and BizTalk. Bluestone Visual-XML includes many industry standard DTD's with pointers to further information on these emerging standards.

The database objects browser gives users a dynamic tree view of database tables, columns, and properties as well as access to all data objects, including SQL and stored procedures. The browser has an point-and-click interface and supports the reuse of data objects. A file browser gives users similar access to all files.

Bluestone Visual-XML also provides an XML Editor. A DTD Editor provides an environment for creating and editing business-specific DTDs, and an SQL Editor enables quick creation and editing of SQL for use with document headers. All editors support open, save, cut, copy, paste and Undo functions, make use of color-coded tags, provide extended clipboards and utilize advanced bookmarks.

The XML and DTD Editors include validation as well as bookmarking any errors with pop-up error messages. With the Java code editor, users can create and edit document handlers -- Java programs that handle specific document types -- for Bluestone XML-Server.

More information on Bluestone Visual-XML can be found here.