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Drumbeat 2000 Offers JSP Support for IBM Server

Elemental Software Monday released its Drumbeat 2000 JavaServer Pages Edition for IBM WebSphere server.

Drumbeat 2000 (JSP) brings integrated support for JSP and JavaBeans to Drumbeat's WYSIWYG development environment. It offers Websphere users a visual tool for building applications that incorporate dynamic Web interfaces to databases and other sophisticated functionality without coding.

Drumbeat 2000 (JSP) debuts at JavaOne this week and will be available starting tomorrow for download directly from Elemental Software.

JSP and JavaBeans are parts of IBM's overall strategy for providing open solutions to build scalable, secure applications across a wide variety of platforms. Drumbeat provides a way of developing e-business applications for standard platforms using standard, reusable components.

The Drumbeat DataForm Wizard includes dropdown lists, list boxes, edit boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, sliders and other UI elements to browse, search, view and update databases. Point and Click Interactions control of JavaBeans can provide Web interfaces, maintain state across pages within an application, and create multipage forms. Drumbeat 2000 also ships with many interactions, including such functions as database access and filtering and password protection. Sample documents, templates, and how-to documentation on common application functionality are included as well.

Future versions of Drumbeat are planned that will support additional JSP-based servers to maximize the scalability, portability and cross-platform nature of Java.

Drumbeat 2000 (JSP) will sell for an estimated street price of $399 and is scheduled for availability for download beginning June 15 for a limited time for the introductory price of $249 from the company's Web site.