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NetIntellect 4.0 Web Site Analysis Software Released

WebManageTechnologies Wednesday released NetIntellect 4.0, the newest version of its Web site management and activity analysis software.

NetIntellect 4.0 is a Web site management and analysis tool that generates reports with statistical, geographic and marketing information about a Web site. The reports feature several "include and exclude" filters, user interface enhancements, database optimization features, ROI for ad banners and a set of pre-formatted queries and reports for immediate analysis and reporting.

New features of NetIntellect 4.0 include the following:

  • Profile Based Reporting - NetIntellect 4.0 uses user profiles rather than log file names to generate reports. With this approach, several users can use the same log file without reprocessing it by creating a profile specific to their needs. Once the log file is processed, it is stored in a NetIntellect database for later use.
  • User Interface Enhancements - Simple user interface allows the user to access frequently performed tasks from the toolbar such as determine which profiles are processed and which are not and obtain summary information about processed log files -- start date, end date, file size, etc.
  • Pre-Processing Filters - Each profile has its own distinct set of pre-processing filters.
  • Post-Processing Filters - Several post processing filters are now included.
  • Improved Reporting - Reports with additional categories are now included.
  • Report Templates - Several new report templates have been added, and users can plug in customized report templates. -
  • Pre-Defined Reports - Several new pre-defined reports have been added.
  • Graph Styles - Several new graph types have been added.
  • Scheduler - Scheduler interface has been enhanced for ease of use.
  • FTP - FTP login information has been augmented.
  • Path Analysis - Detailed path analysis information is now included.
  • Key Words & Search Words - Keyword and search word queries have been added.
  • Ad Configuration - Advertising configuration has been updated to allow multiple ad banner information to be monitored.
  • ROI on Ad Banners - Calculate cost per each ad click and ad view.
  • Intranet Configuration - Configuration of intranet reports has been made easier.
  • Several New Queries - Several new queries have been added to enable the user to learn more information from the log files.
  • E-mail - Reports can now be emailed to multiple recipients.

    NetIntellect 4.0 is available from June 25th for a free trial here. It can be purchased for $295 either directly from WebManage or from qualified WebManage resellers.