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Eclipse Loads Open Source Technology Project

Open-source group Eclipse Friday said it has created an new project to support research, education and engineering initiatives geared to mesh other computing technologies with its own platform.

Spearheaded by IBM , the Eclipse Fellowship Program, which funds university based research in the areas of programming languages, tools, and environments, will help in this endeavor. For the uninitiated, open-source is the often controversial creation of software that is free to all, as opposed to proprietary products from top vendors Microsoft and Oracle .

Written in Java, the open-source Eclipse platform provides an advanced object-oriented framework allowing "plug-in" functions and extending facilities, which frees researchers' time so they may concentrate on other studies. IBM will fund the venture so that its leaders may purchase equipment, and staff projects.

Professor Dwight Deugo, associate professor, Carleton University, School of Computer Science, Ottawa, Canada noted: "It is common for developers to think of a software development tool as an environment that enables them to write code, such as Java class files, and share it through a shared repository. While this is possible with the open-source Eclipse platform, the plug-in based framework will enable developers to expand on the notion of development tools."

The project has already undertaken a number of tasks, including:

  • Aspect Oriented Software Development - a new technology permitting separation of concerns in software development. AOSD makes it possible to modularize cross-cutting aspects of a system
  • Stellation - a software configuration management system for building systems based on the integration of fine-grained software artifacts through source code management techniques with the Eclipse development environment
  • XML Schema Infoset Model - work establishing a common API and Java library to be used in tools and development processes that model information, messages or interfaces using the W3C XML Schema Language

To read about activities of the Eclipse Technology Project, including active sub-projects, interested parties may look here.