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NetMechanic Offers Subscription Service

NetMechanic has announced an upgrade to its on-line Web site improvement tools, now called the NetMechanic Pro.

NetMechanic Pro is a bundle of Web site tools designed to improve Web site performance. The primary components of the NetMechanic Pro bundle are Link Check, HTML Check, Spell Check, Load Time Check, and Browser Compatibility services. These services are offered in both free and subscription versions:

Link Check is an online validation tool that can help Webmasters find the broken links in a site. The robot issues a report containing broken links and the status of each link that was tested. Link Check will test all types of links, including links to images, sound files, and Java applets.

HTML Check finds syntax errors, typos, and non-standard HTML tags. It recommends ways to improve a web page. HTML Check allows users to select which versions of the HTML standards to test and featuring "power user" options to turn specific tests on or off. HTML Check's source code view points out the location of errors on each page.

Spell Check: scans a site for spelling errors. Webmasters can enter the URL of a Web page and receive a complete report free. Use an optional custom dictionary to list words the spell checker should ignore.

Load Time Check reports the size of each object in the pages of a Web site and spots HTML problems that can delay page loading. Load Time Check reports the downloading time required by each page at different connection speeds, from 14.4 modem to T1 line. The report shows how the objects contained in a page contribute to the load time.

Browser Compatibility determines which browser variety hosts each HTML tag, reports popularity statistics and tells Web designers which tags on the page can or cannot be utilized.

NetMechanic Pro will also offer new automated testing of Web sites. Users have the option of scheduling the automatic site tests as frequently as four times per month.

The functionality offered in the NetMechanic Pro can be tested free on a limited number of pages. In addition, NetMechanic offers a subscription service, Server Check Pro, that monitors Web servers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Visit the company's Web site to try the online tools.