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Lutris Delivers Enhydra 2.1

Lutris Technologies Tuesday released Enhydra 2.1, a Java/XML application server and development environment with new developer tools.

Merging W3C consortium standards, XML and the Document Object Model, Enhydra XML Compiler converts HTML documents into Java classes represented as DOM objects. Enhydra is made to allow designers and programmers to co-develop Web applications using Java to generate dynamic HTML. Lutris said XMLC applications are compatible with HTML editors and tools, built with reusable HTML templates, less error prone, and more maintainable.

The W3C standard DOM defines a way for vendors to implement an XML interface in the language of their choice, including as a Java object tree. The inclusion of ID tags in an HTML document means that HTML templates can be created with any HTML editor, and then be modified and re-used.

Enhydra is an Open Source Java/XML application server. It is a Java servlet-based architecture of common services supporting business, presentation and data logic. Services include user and session management, as well as database connection sessions. Additional Enhydra development tools include an XML parser for access to XML data sources. Enhydra Data Object Design Studio is a Java graphical tool for mapping data objects to relational databases. Enhydra Multiserver is included for an enhanced servlet running environment featuring embedded servlet management, monitoring and debugging.

Enhydra supports Unix, Linux, Windows and NT, as well as industry-dominant Web servers including Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server and Microsoft IIS. The only platform requirement is the presence of Java Runtime Environment 1.1.6 or higher.

Enhydra 2.1 runtime and source code is free and may be downloaded from www.enhydra.org.