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Borland Bears First Fruits of TogetherSoft Buy

Borland Software bore the first fruits of its TogetherSoft purchase Wednesday when it released new products to help customers speed up and simplify the creation lifecycle for Java applications.

As the latest iteration of the Together ControlCenter product line, Borland Together Edition for JBuilder is designed to work with Borland JBuilder to help enterprises deliver Java-based software at both a greater quality and a higher rate of speed. This new suite is an integrated component of the new Borland Enterprise Studio 5 for Java, which integrates development, modeling, and performance assurance technologies.

Borland said combining TogetherSoft's technology with its JBuilder environment for building enterprise Java applications in Borland Enterprise Studio 5 for Java will result in tighter integration between the Java development solution and design and analysis tools. This means developers can write code and build models from a single application because they may view common data simultaneously and make changes to information in real-time.

META Group analyst Thomas Murphy said businesses are looking for ways to accelerate the rate at which software applications are written and deployed.

"This is part of a general market shift to integrate tools across the life-cycle centered around the IDE, we call this the shift to an ILDE (integrated life-cycle development environment)," Murphy said. "This shift will allow more collaborative development and enable the use of more iterative or "agile" development methods compared to the current situation where you have a bunch of stand-alone tools: requirements, modeling, coding, testing and each task is a different person, diffent tool, process etc., resulting in a waterfall development process."

From a strategic standpoint, Murphy told internetnews.com Borland needs a way to replace Rational Rose, a standout product from rival and newly-acquired Rational Software, which they used to bundle into the JBuilder Enterprise box. Together provides that support and will import the models that Rose created.

The aforementioned Borland JBuilder and Borland Together Edition for JBuilder aren't the only components of Borland Enterprise Studio 5 for Java. The platform also features Borland Optimizeit Suite, which identifies performance hazards during Java application development; Borland Enterprise Server, AppServer Edition, a platform application server for the deployment and management of Java applications and Web Services; and Borland JDataStore, a Java database for portable, embedded, mobile, and Web server applications.

Slated to ship next month, Borland Enterprise Studio for Java can be ordered from Borland now. Borland Enterprise Studio for Java is specially priced dependent on developers' needs.