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Flashpoint Released as Open Source

Boulder Software Foundry Tuesday joined the open source wave by releasing the code to its Flashpoint Application Server Technology.

Flashpoint is a multi-threaded Web application server which allows C and C++ applications to generate HTML pages as output to Web browsers. It can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement to Apache. The open source distribution also allows porting of the Flashpoint API to other languages including Java and Perl.

Using a HTML authoring tool, the developer creates an HTML template and adds named variables to the HTML, which is pre-compiled for better runtime performance. The Flashpoint server reads the compiled HTML, calls back the application module to provide the values for the dynamic content in the HTML, and the Web page is vended to the remote browser. The Web page retains the original formatting and the application module provides session-specific values. Because the HTML templates are separate from the back end logic, programmers and web designers can work together-- the programmers provide the function, while the web designers provide the form.

Flashpoint is currently available for Linux and Solaris.