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Keynote Introduces New Web Measurements

Keynote Systems, Inc. Wednesday announced a new version of its Keynote Perspective service, designed to provide e-commerce sites and Web hosting companies with performance and availability measurements and diagnostics for Web page downloads and multi-page transactions.

Keynote Perspective 4.0 provides several new features:

  • Cache Measurement -- Web site owners can quantify the benefit of transparent cache servers by comparing the performance of pages downloaded from a cache server to the performance of the same pages downloaded directly from the original content server. Service providers can use this information to determine if they want to invest in cache technology and Web site owners can determine if they are receiving a significant benefit from cache servers on the Internet.

  • Instant Perspective -- Instant Perspective displays a graphical timeline showing when every part of a web page downloads. A graph displays exactly when each image is downloaded and indicates bottlenecks such as missing components or slow third-party ad servers. Additionally, a one-time Instant Perspective of any Web site's performance is now available free of charge through Keynote's new Lifeline service. Keynote Lifeline can be found at lifeline.keynote.com.

  • AccuStat-- A statistical technique for analyzing the average download time of a Web page or the execution of a multi-step online transaction. AccuStat uses a weighted average or "mean of medians" to provide an analysis of the typical performance that end users in the United States experience when downloading Web pages or executing transactions.

  • Error-Based Alarms -- An expanded error-alarm capability notifies Web administrators automatically by pager or e-mail of error conditions such as DNS outages or missing Web page components that do not slow performance but prevent end-user access to the Web site.

Perspective 4.0 is available at http://web.keynote.com. Pricing is $295 per URL per month for measurement service from 10 U.S. cities, $495 from 25 U.S. cities and $695 from 35 cities including 10 cities outside the United States.