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Red Hat Packages E-Commerce Server

Red Hat Inc., a developer of open source Linux-based operating systems, Tuesday unveiled the Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server.

The package combines the open source operating system, Red Hat Linux 6.0 and the Apache Web server with the addition of security and e-commerce tools necessary to use Red Hat Linux in e-business applications.

The Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server integrates RSA Data Security's 128-bit encryption engine with the Apache Web server. In addition, the Linux applications CD included contains Red Hat Linux 6.0 programs and a separate e-commerce directory. Included in the directory are a variety of complete and trial versions of e-commerce software from Hewlett-Packard, CCVS, MiniVend and more.

Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server also includes:

  • Apache ASP and DAV modules for development on multiple platforms and Web page management without FTP
  • The Netscape Roaming Module to enable the use of the Apache Web server as a Netscape Roaming Access server
  • The Squid proxy and cache server
  • The Webalyzer Web server log
  • A $25 discount for site digital certification purchased from Thawte Consulting
Corporations and ISPs can purchase additional support packages from Red Hat's support center. Several packages are available, ranging from per-incident packages to 24x7 unlimited support.

Red Hat has also recently added nationwide training and certification through Global Knowledge and on-site consulting to their training and support offerings.

The Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server can be bought directly from Red Hat or purchased from several retail outlets for $149.99. Available in the U.S. and Canada, it comes with Red Hat Linux 6.0, which includes an application CD, a source code CD, Installation Manual, Getting Started Guide, and telephone and e-mail support.